First Step: Maniac Magee: Writing a Review Introduction

Now that we’ve read Maniac Magee we can move on to writing a review of the book. These lessons will help you to express your opinions about the book in a constructive way.

If you liked the book, you’ll be able to express why you enjoyed it and, hopefully, inspire others to read the book as well. If you did not like the book, you’ll be able to express exactly what you didn’t like about it and, hopefully, convince others to avoid reading the book. Reviews are wonderful things in that you are not graded on your opinion (whether you like the book or not), you are graded on how well you express your opinion (the reasons you give).

Notice that this is not a “story” like the composition you wrote for TAKS. In a review you express your ideas about someone else’s story, you do nt create your own. We will look at several reviews to understand this differance.

To assist you in this process, we will be using an online resource from the same company that provide those wonderful catalogues that so many of you read over and over again. We will use the page links at the side of this page to navigate through this site.   

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